An Appeal to the Woman of the House

Directed by DeLisa White

May 3-17, 2014
The Workshop Theater Company's Mainstage Theater
312 W. 36th Street, 4th Floor, New York City

What would you do if history knocked on your door?

Throughout the 2013-2014 season Retro Productions is honored to be workshopping Christie Perfetti's AN APPEAL TO THE WOMAN OF THE HOUSE. Born out of the Retro Productions 20th Century Salon in the fall of 2012, APPEAL takes place on one fateful night in May, 1961 in the farmhouse of Rose and Gideon Walker on the Alabama-Tennessee border. It is just after midnight when David and his fellow lost Freedom Riders knock on the door seeking assistance in the form of a phone and a place to stay until daylight. But Gideon, who knows this is Klan country, is reluctant to let in this band of mixed race college kids until Rose forces him to open the door with the acknowledgement that "they're just babies." What follows is a touching story of race, love, acceptance and learning how to stand up for what you believe.

Although AN APPEAL TO THE WOMAN OF THE HOUSE is inspired by historical events it is a work of fiction. Retro Productions is thrilled to be presenting a civil rights story that is rooted in love and respect for those who put themselves in harms way for what they believe to be right.