carny girls picAfter three sold-out shows, Carnival Girls returns to the New York City stage!

Carnival Girls burst onto the stage in the spring of 2000, debuting at Wells College to rave reviews. Originally a one-act play, Carnival Girls was the made-for-stage version of playwright Christie Perfetti Williams’s award-winning English thesis. Now a full-length production, the caravan hits the New York City theatre this summer, July 2004.

Carnival Girls is a full-throttle theatrical production about the fictional lives of young women working in the sexy, seedy and cutthroat world of the American carnivals in the 20th century. Multi-genre and non-linear, this production includes hot new choreography and live music. Carnival Girls is comprised of a company of over 40 of NYC’s female rising stars. It promises to be raw, real and powerful.


cast 1 cast pic 2 tricia
Tricia Barone as Ruby in Carnival Girls
 Photo by Deidre Halpin

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