Three women plan the murder of their youngest sister’s rapist…

p r e t t y   d e b r i s

a new play
Ginny Neboski's long-overdue sexcapade, beauty revolution and love evolution...

r e g u l a r   c o f f e e

scenes from a new novel

Written and Produced by Christie Perfetti Williams
Directed by Deborah Long
Stage Managed by Dorie Holst

Production Assisted by BethAnne Nelson

Featuring: Melanie Furjanic, Elizabeth Pitman, Lynda Berge
Charmaine Broad, Lynn Mancinelli, Heather O'Donnell, Joshua Seidner

Pretty Debris Cast, from left to right, Lynda Berge, Elizabeth Pitman, Melanie Furjanic

Wells Women/Pretty Debris Crew, from left to right, Denise Smith, Bella Tschinkel,
Becca Cooper, Ann Shepherd, BethAnne Nelson, Deborah Long and Christie Perfetti Williams